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大马风味 传统饼艺
奇特风味 香传万家




Kee Heong, traditional and Malaysian style of Baking.

Uncle Khor Bee Seng, the founder of Kee Heong Food Industries Sdn Bhd, entered into his small confectionery at the beginning of the '80s. Uncle Khor initially operates his small confectionery at home which is located at Salak South New Village, Kuala Lumpur. He starts producing the Manchu pastry — “Sha Qi Ma” or better known as Honeycomb Cookies in the beginning. After years of different researches and experimental ingredients, new recipes, baking techniques and finally, Uncle Khor has successfully produced a special texture, moist, unique, appetizing, delicious and saleable Sha Qi Ma. The special Recipe Kee Heong Honeycomb Cookies has become one of native product which the tourist will not resist buying as a gift or souvenir for friends and relatives when they visit Malaysia.


Over more than 20 years of diligent experience, Kee Heong is now gradually tended to be more diversify with different products. In September 2006, Kee Heong has moved into a double story building factory which sets with the traditional baking skills with modern technology, more professional skills, and unique packaging technique, ensuring customers to enjoy the delicacy and hygienic Kee Heong's cookies and pastries.


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Kee Heong ensures that we will always use the best quality raw material to manufacture the genuine biscuits and pastries, promoting the family traditional biscuit industry with full efforts and heart.

Kee Heong will keep on achieving and bringing Malaysia’s Chinese Traditional Biscuit Industries to another peak of success nationally and internationally.

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