Being one of the Kee Heong’s most proud and saleable product - Kee Heong Sha Qi Ma (Honeycomb Cookies) is famous for it moist and crispy texture, sweet and appetizing, golden in colour, tasty and delicious. Beside the original flavor, Kee Heong has introduced several new flavors of honeycomb cookies and a very good example would be the combination of Hakka’s snack - “Ma Zi Cheng”.

In order to meet the different requirement of the market demand, Kee Heong has launched 5 different type of packing for its honeycomb cookies, which are, a pack of 10 (original flavor), a pack of 6 (with puffed rice), a pack of 6 (with seaweed), single pack (with sesame) and the traditional single pack (original flavor).



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